March 5, 2022

CONEXPO-CON/AGG takes place every three years on March 10 (local time). At the show, more than 3,500 exhibitors from around the world bring the cutting-edge technology, products as well as service solutions. With the debut of 14 products from 6 categories, ZOOMLION will display breath-taking achievements of innovative development to 200,000 experts from different countries in the next 5 days, showcasing the charm of “intelligent manufacturing” of China.

America has the world’s second-largest excavator market. This show, which features amazing operation demonstrations in each exhibition site, exhibited the world’s quality and novel products of excavator. ZOOMLION launched two G-series hydraulic excavators–ZE215GLC and ZE75G. Just the features of these products–fully upgraded power system, new control system, intelligent interconnection, T4F emission standard and requirement in line with North American markets are highly anticipated. The live operation demonstration via 5G remotely made everyone stunned.

In the booth No. F6270 of ZOOMLION, by sitting at the open driver’s seat, the audience are able to control the excavator located 11260 miles away in Changsha, China with joysticks on both sides via 5G. ZOOMLION employs 5G high speed, large bandwidth and low latency to solve the problem concerning the transmission of control signal in special operating environments. According to the introduction, the excavators operated remotely via 5G maximize the coordination and comfort of operation and minimize the operation intensity with its intelligent technology. The control system equipped with multiple safety protection systems monitors the working status of the whole machine in real time in a bid to ensure the safety of the remote operation.

After experiencing it, the clients expressed this ultra-long-distance remote operation shows an amazing experience of science and technology and can accurately operate excavators to carry out missions, effectively reduce the construction cost and optimize the production capacity in such special environments as mining, emergency rescue and disaster relief.

ZS0407DC(scissor lift type),ZS0607DC(scissor lift type),ZA14J(curved arm type)and ZT20J (straight arm type)are the 4 aerial work machinery products, which are customized for the North American market in term of R&D, are released by ZOOMLION in this show. These new products are characterized by “intelligence, efficiency, energy-saving and reliability” with more attention to the experience of clients through the humanized design. According to product information, these four products are equipped with a unique human-machine interaction interface and intelligent fault self-diagnosis system, which can complete hundreds of intelligent fault diagnosis and greatly reduce the difficulty of fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance, thereby greatly improving users experience.

ZOOMLION can also upgrade special lithium batteries developed by the installation company for two scissor-type products powered by battery. The special lithium battery has a service life three times longer than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Besides, It can adapt to the cold operation environment of -20 degrees with its battery life 130% longer than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Tower crane is a strong sector of ZOOMLION. At the Las Vegas show proudly stands the company’s new T8030-25 tower crane. The widely recognized T8030-25 tower crane in America meets the certification requirements of the Underwriter Laboratories Inc. and the American National Standards Institute (UL & ANSI). The new T8030-25 tower crane is jointly tailor-made for North America by ZOOMLION and local agent P & J Arcomet. Featuring stronger performance and more reliable quality, the product is manufactured by ZOOMLION’s brand new intelligent factory of tower crane with advanced production lines and scientific management, further ensuring the high quality and reliability of the product.

The ZCC2600 crawler crane is the “giant product” towering in ZOOMLION exhibition. This classic 4.0 crawler crane is in line with American operating conditions. Besides handy and comfortable operation as well as excellent lifting performance, it is also easy to disassemble and transport. The RT60 Tough-Terrain Crane, which also falls into the category of engineering cranes, has the world’s top configuration. This product meets North American certification and T4F emission requirements. It is characterized by strong off-road performance, flexible movements while hoisted and four-wheel steering, allowing it to play an important role on confined and rough sites.

On the B7001 booth erected the classic products of ZOOMLION European sub-brands m-tec and CIFA. As a global leader in dry-mix mortars, m-tec has unveiled two pump products, duo-mix connect and mono-mix II SC. By linking duo-mix connect pump to the back-end robot for 3D printing of the mortar, the mortar quality can be kept stable and the construction speed can be precisely adjusted according to needs, ensuring the strength of each layer of mortar and keep the mortar moderately moist and sustainably adhesive. The application of this technology in 3D printed mortar projects in over 10 countries best interprets ZOOMLION’s leading role in the development of the dry-mix mortar industry and technology.

The PB33A-4ZC spreader, Carbotech K47H and K38L Truck Mounted Concrete Pump are CIFA’s specially designed series of concrete machinery for this exhibition in the US. Manufactured in Italy, both concrete pump trucks are of high-performance easy operation and high reliability and they are the products of more than 90 years of industry experience. As the lightest truck mounted concrete pump in the world, Carbotech K47H weighs only 31978 kg and has a boom length of 47 meters. The last two sections of the boom are made from lighter, stronger and more maintainable carbon fiber composite materials. K38L is CIFA’s best-selling truck mounted concrete pump in North America. Its arm is 38 meters long, and the boom can withstand long-term intensive use. The original double-thickness pipe fittings embedded with chromium carbide and a wear-resistant sleeve can reduce maintenance costs and prolong the service life of quick-wearing parts. The PB33A-4ZC spreader combines the advanced design concepts and technologies of ZOOMLION and CIFA, adopts electro-hydraulic proportional control hydraulic system, stepless speed regulation, and runs as smoothly as pump truck boom.

In addition to products with high-performance, relevant leaders of ZOOMLION CIFA stated at the exhibition site that CIFA subsidiary in North America will be established in Yorkville, Wisconsin, USA as an industrial machinery assembly plant and customer service center, where high-quality and efficient sales, parts supply, technical support, service support and training services are available to customers.

“Localization” has always been the core strategy of ZOOMLION’s international expansion. Zhang Si, Regional Manager of ZOOMLION in North America, said: “The products exhibited this time are in line with the U.S. working conditions with some even customized for the North American market. The subsidiary of ZOOMLION in North America is also responsible for the preparation and execution of this exhibition, which is a vivid interpretation of the ‘localization’ strategy of ZOOMLION. I believe that customized and intelligent products coupled with market operations will enable us to provide high-quality products and services to meet the needs of North American customers and obtain a win-win result. “

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